Release 4.6

eZuce is pleased to announce the release of eZuce Viewme 4.6


eZuce Viewme Fixes:

  • Language selection fix during installation
  • Saving microphone last settings when switching meetings and avoid delay in autogain
  • Limit the length of the chat message to 16KB to avoid issue with WebRTC client
  • Additional check for wrong with accessing file system (i.e. detecting  :: and {} to avoid using wrong paths)
  • SIP/SDP Registration and  Invite fixes
  • Fix GUI issue with recording and leaving a meeting.
  • Fix a Crash on MacOS when detaching a window of a remote deskshare video

Release 4.5.1

eZuce is pleased to announce the release of eZuce Viewme 4.5.1


eZuce Viewme New Features:

  • Conference Room Mode – With ‘disable play file’ and ‘always full screen’
    For viewme users who would like to setup room systems that must stay in the viewme client application
  • Disable Screen-Saver when in meeting option
    This new option in Menu -> Preferences disables the computer’s screen saver when viewme is running and in a meeting.
  • New recorder interface
    Cleaned up the meeting recording settings.
  • Editable keyboard shortcuts
    Keyboard shortcuts can now be created for almost all viewme client operations. See Menu -> Preferences and then ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ button.
  • HDMI “Desk Share” using Black Magic video capture device
    If you have a Black Magic video capture device on your client, you can now utilize the HDMI input as a video input device during a meeting.
  • The PCI express Black Magic card grabber can be activated from deskshare, and not from the webcam page.

eZuce Viewme Fixes:

  • Fix which limits the maximum initial size of a detached window to not overflow screen resolution.
  • Fix for Linux workstations that causes them to sometimes displays black H.263+ video from mobile clients.
  • Fix for detached video windows on Macs where viewme client is not displaying all content for some extreme display aspect ratios.issue when using Virtual Desktop and wrong desktop is shared
  • Video on Macs is not rendered (frozen) in detached windows when the main viewme window is minimized.
  • Fixed crash when PC user account name contains special (SK, CZ, …) language characters.
  • Fix for DeskShare not grabbing/sending pictures on Mac os/X 10.11 when application is in Full-Screen mode.

Release 4.4.1

eZuce is pleased to announce the release of eZuce Viewme 4.4.1


eZuce Viewme New Features:

  • Rotate local video source

eZuce Viewme Fixes:

  • Fix low frame rate of USB webcams on Windows 10
  • Occasional crash on Linux Box (Fedora 22) and probably other Linux
  • Issue with Speaker not working when switching meetings
  • issue when using Virtual Desktop and wrong desktop is shared
  • Linux installation now includes the application icon.

Release 4.3.4

eZuce is pleased to announce the release of eZuce Viewme 4.3.4.  

This new release contains a number of new features as well as some bug fixes.

This new version brings major improvements to audio quality for users. We have incorporated work done by the WebRTC development teams ( and have been able to utilize their excellent Automatic Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction and Automatic Gain control and we have also gained the ability to directly access Audio devices from within Java. As part of this work we have also incorporated and set as the new default the Opus audio codec (


eZuce Viewme New Features:

  • Audio
    • New Automatic Echo Cancellation
    • New Noise Reduction
    • New Automatic Gain Control
    • Client now can directly manage Audio devices without Java
    • Better selection of default audio devices
  • Codecs
    • Change to Opus Codec as default Audio Codec
  • Possibility to set a HTTP Proxy in the client in case of a restricted network access
  • New update application algorithm
    • Possibility to delay the application update when leaving
    • Possibility to check and trigger the update from the About menu.

eZuce Viewme Fixes:

  • Improved USB Camera Support on Linux
  • Sony Vaio issues resolved
  • SIP Client did not retry TCP after UDP failed
  • SIP NAT addressing issues fixed
  • HDMI Capture with Decklink Mini Recorder fix



  1. Helpful videos are available here:
  2. The Linux versions require GLIBC_2.14 or greater and GLIBCXX_3.4.15 or greater for the enhanced audio capabilities.


Who Should Upgrade

All eZuce Viewme users should upgrade to the latest client version except users with Linux libraries that do not meet the requirements in note 2 above.


Upgrade Instructions

Users should automatically be prompted to download and install the new version when they first run the application after the version has been made available.


Users may manually get the download from

Release 4.2.0

2016-04-07 4.2.0

  • SIP Telephone
    • Register with your SIP credentials to make / receive calls
    • Join / split call from meeting
    • Setup unique ringtones
  • Play videos while in meeting
    • Plays many video formats (avi, mpeg, mov, etc.)
    • Share your video in the meeting
  • Support of MJPEG USB cameras
  • Better support of right-to-left languages
  • Option to disable system messages

Bugs Fixed:

  • Reset of Autologin if login fails
  • Fix crash on Mac on exit
  • Fix auto-configure on BlackMagic

Release 4.0.3

2015-11-17 4.0.3

  • Update Linux file association scripts
  • Better network detection
  • Show more info on SIP errors
  • Add Turkish translation
  • Add at login window press Ctrl-L to copy previous logs
  • Added message for older NVIDIA drivers
  • Add Aparte help item
  • Have ViEVO-video reinitialize when switching meetings
  • Previous Meeting List
  • Utils for SIP
  • Include Fonts for Transcoder
  • Aparte supports private screen sharing
  • Audio setup / Test
  • Let some frames be dragged / moved
  • Video grouping on / off
  • Previous meetings Menu / Window
  • Moved SIP registration to Preferences
  • Transcoder with names

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fix spaces in SIP SDP
  • Fix some GUI issues
  • CVO file handling fix
  • Fix some ViEVO crash on Mac
  • Fix some SIP registration
  • Fix some SIP NAT

Release 3.0.4

2014-11-20 3.0.4


  • New Voting/Evaluation system (when meeting had the option)
  • Better audio and video compatibility with Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Better security and encryption (SRTP & SS)
  • Better support of DTMF, Telephony and Signals
  • Include last code engine version

Bugs Fixed:

  • Stop all running version of the application (Windows)
  • Fix un-select audio devices
  • Share desktop from a multi monitors configuration (Windows)
  • Correctly save properties when exit

Release 3.0.2

2014-06-12 3.0.2


  • Video support for MJPEG cameras
  • Mac OSX –
    • Added ability to select audio devices
    • Request for administrator when installing package
    • Integration of Apple menu
  • Linux : Add SeeVogh in the applications list

Bugs Fixed:

  • Some stuck clients when exiting
  • Some video module crashes
  • Possible Linux installation problems