Internet2 webinar


UMBC Drives Virtual Collaboration Across Campus and Beyond

This webinar will illustrate how The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) was able to swiftly enhance mobility for virtual collaborations anywhere, anytime with NET+ Viewme™ by eZuce (formerly SeeVogh). Institutions can leverage Viewme™ to enable unlimited access to video and web conferencing through the Internet2 NET+ initiative. Whether needs include virtual meetings and classrooms, inter-campus learning, extended office hours, study groups, or broader virtual collaboration, NET+ Viewme™ provides maximum flexibility for diverse architecture needs offering deployment via on premise virtualization or in the cloud.

May 28, 2015 – 3pm EST

Initially developed at the California Institute of Technology, Viewme™ has also recently been improved with institution feedback to make the solution even easier to adopt and ramp up. Through the peer-driven Internet2 NET+ service validation process, Viewme™ complies with rigorous security, accessibility and performance standards and offers standard business and legal terms. Viewme™ also enables log-in with campus credentials by integrating Internet2’s InCommon federated authentication, and is equipped with architecture enhancements for performance across the advanced Internet2 Network and global peers.