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Release 3.0.0

2014-05-14 3.0.0

Release of 3.0!


  • Moderator not automatically Presenter in Plenary Meetings
  • Added message when user about to be presenter
  • Added support for more video graphics cards

Release 2.9.6

2014-04-23 2.9.6


  • New video display modes
  • Multiple moderators allowed in all meeting types
  • Ability to start meeting from the application
  • Show enter / leave of users in meeting with optional sound
  • Log of meeting chat messages
  • More robust download of meeting images
  • Enhanced security
  • Speaker indication in transcoder

Bugs fixed:

  • Handle opening .cvo files when application already running
  • Moderation bug
  • Linux audio

Release 2.9.5

2014-03-04 2.9.5


  • Installation: language automatically detected
  • Support of startup via *.cvo files
  • History of previously joined meetings
  • Better detection of firewall
  • Faster connection to server
  • Increased stability on Mac OS

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix installation for non-admin user on Mac

Release 2.9.4

2014-02-12 2.9.4


  • New configuration menu
  • Change logs available from the About Panel
  • Added few translations

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix few case of audio problems on Windows
  • Fix some crashes on Mac

Release 2.9.3

2014-02-05 2.9.3

  • Signed with trusted certificate on Windows
  • Customized images of the installer
  • Added changes log access from the updater panel
  • Added Lisence agreement in the installation process
  • Start automatically the application after the update
  • New dedicated icons for the installer package
  • Autonomous auto update process


Bugs fixed:

  • Fix audio source selection problem
  • Fix the lisa problems (native lib for Mac)
  • Fix compatibility with JNLP version (different directory)
  • Stop the application if the user accept the update